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About Us

Fuasaga Va’a is the result of a lifelong dream and was founded in August 2015 by 2 local Samoan paddlers, aiming to make outrigger canoe paddling the crowning jewel within pacific region. Not only in a racing sense but by playing a key role in the growth and manufacturing and export in Samoa.


Our key aims are to build and supply quality and affordable outrigger canoes to local and international markets. Fuasaga Va’a will be 100% behind supporting local industry by creating a new set of skills for workers based right here in Samoa. We will strive to make Fausaga Va’a a sustainable and environmentally minded company, while still aiming to be the number one selling canoe manufacturer in the South Pacific region.


The challenge for us is the desire for constant improvements, leading us through the development process.


The main focus for Fausaga Va’a is performance, stability and comfort.

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