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Carbon Repairs


Fausaga Va’a not only builds high quality racing canoes but is Samoa’s only source for carbon and fibreglass repairs. From boats, taxis, racing bikes or buses, broken, busted or cracked, we've seen it all and we can usually fix it. We specialize in carbon repairs using the very best materials and we offer a fair and competitive pricing structure and fast turnaround times. Give us a call for a no obligation free quote.


How it works


Once Fausaga Va’a receives your item for repair, it goes through a quality inspection from our technicians. A quote will be provided and confirmed before work will begin. Please expect 2 to 4 weeks for repair completion after drop off during peak times as our repair shop is very busy.

 A priority repair service is available for an additional charge’s if you have a race or session you just can’t miss!


Upon carbon repair completion, Fausaga Va’a will contact you via e-mail along with a follow-up call to let you know that your item is finished. Your invoice is now due. Once payment is received, we will release your item back to you.


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